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Seoul Gaels Youth Program

Fun and unique team sport

재미있고 새로운 팀 스포츠


Learn English and play sport

영어로 배우는 신나는 스포츠


Meet new friends

새로운 친구들과의 협동심

Autumn 2022, Wednesdays
매주 수요일

Sinbanpo Sports Complex

장소: 반포종합운동장

The youth team program is every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm at Sinbanpo sports complex in Banpo, Seocho gu. Ages 8 - 12


Contact Us

010-9906-5528 (ENG)
010 3051  0071 (KOR)

Seocho Gu, Seoul

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This unique program is fueled by the Global Gaelic Eagles and is partnership with the Seochu Gu football federation and A-Sports.  It is part funded by the Department of foreign affairs in Ireland through the GAA Global Development Fund.

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