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Global Lessons

The Global Gaelic Eagles are a passionate team of coaches, teachers, mentors and athletes who are driven to positively impact and inspire young people around the world. Where possible, we encourage the inclusion of our main sporting activity - Gaelic Football as our primary vehicle to deliver programs.  However, we use multiple sports and pioneer activity based learning methods to deliver our key pillars.

Over the past decade, our core team have worked on numerous projects, programs and initiatives with a number of innovative organisations.  These experiences have exposed us to the limitless impact that sport can make. We strive to carry these learning's forward and apply them in varying environments around the world.

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Our camps are flexible and scalable programs that are co-developed specifically to suit our partnering organisations. We offer a range of one-off short workshop type programs right up to multi week (part time) programs.  



Our vision is to create multiple Gaelic Football youth teams in Korea that can use this unique sport, as well as tools from the associated programs, to develop key life skills whilst also supporting their  physical development.


The Department of foreign affairs in Ireland through the GAA Global Development Fund has kindly supported some basic funds to aid us in the rebuilding of our programs post the Covid-19 pandemic.  We hope to utilize these funds to support basic and fundamental costs such as equipment and facility access.  We believe the potential of the program in Korea is huge and would like to continue to work with the GAA and Irish government to resource and scale our activities going forward.

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